Hired, Happy and Remote.

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I Just had a mini epiphany.

I should have named this book;

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My First Book for Remote Workers; How to Work Remotely and not get Fired 

Hired, happy and Remote

Too late now… Or is it

This is why I think it would have made sense.


It’s not even just Nigeria anymore. The global unemployment rate is enormous.
So people don’t just have to get hired, they have to keep their jobs.

Why is it important to keep a job?

If you’re asking, I’m not quite sure this will be relevant to you but I’ll indulge you anyway.

These are the things having a job does for you

Makes you responsible
Yeah, you probably grew up in a Christian home or say your prayers facing the right direction six times a day, BUT, how often do you wake up without an alarm?

Too much?

Okay, how often do you get up at the first alarm?

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Got ya!

No need to get upset, it’s a universal thing;

“the inability to get up from bed as of when due unless prompted by the innate reminder of purpose or consequence of that action.”
– Joy Kika

(I’m adding this to the dictionary/quoted by the way)

But yea, the singular reason that;

I’ll be stuck in traffic for 600 years if I don’t get up this instant”, or

“I’ll be terribly late for the meeting that I hate but have to be there before everyone is seated and bringing/thinking-my-best-idea, brain dump session begins” is sometimes the only motivation you need to show up.

These are little things that help us overcome inertia and do the needful. And all these little things accumulate to the bigger things that make up our lives.

“For you only become the habits you keep to daily. “

– Kikasays!

Yes, I kept the best for second.

Finance/kudi/ego/MONEY- The root of all spendings.

Except you have a trust fund or you receive regular handouts, there’s literally no way of surviving if you don’t make money, and besides the “artificial” reason of purpose that people claim to be their number one reason for working, it’s usually about the chedda for most at entry level — which isn’t a bad thing- Because; rent, food, electricity, medicals, data, life, and survival runs on this economic token, an exchange for work done. In fewer sentences; no work, no pay.

A lot of people will swear, finger to the floor, then to the tongue, and finally to the air in 3 seconds or less, that the workplace isn’t one for socialization, well, whether you admit it or not, and whether you hate people that much or not, a lot of socialization goes on every day at the workplace.

The “good mornings”, the mini chatter, the “lingering hey” at the photocopier (picture Rachel Zane( Meghan Markle) and Mike Ross (Patrick .J. Adams), Football analysis of the Liverpool vs Arsenal match, lunchbreak synching, inside joke on the boss, and the have-you-seen-this-on-twitter, screen share, they all contribute to human interfacing which counts as socializing.

Yes, you may not be allowed to drink and put your legs on the table in your favorite shorts, but you’re having conversations, jabs, and laughter with other humans and forming connections in between work which really is the core of socialization.

A job gives you purpose (if you do not already have one). People pick jobs that they’re passionate about and have a sense of purpose to while others find purpose in the job that found them.

Purpose is that drive that keeps you going, it’s like your life projects made up of different tasks that ultimately leads you to your preferred destination, and the work you do, a channel to which you travel to arrive at that point.

Purpose in this context is derived from doing what you love to do, making a difference in a field that excites you, making an impact in an area that bothers you, and generally creating solutions that leave you fulfilled.

So maybe I did save the best for the last after all.

What does this have to do with Remote working and the new pretend title of HIRED HAPPY and Remote?

I have to agree that I’ve gone off a tangent and lost my trail of reasoning… but maybe not.

For as important as it is to get HIRED, is also, if not more important, to be HAPPY at your job. And knowing that remote working, as fantastic as the concept is, has its own downsides, which are pretty steep especially as very few people have traveled the path until COVID-19 plunged us all at once.

The Ebook, How to Work Remotely and not get Fired, addresses all the themes shared above and more: (70 pages) of personal experience, strategy, and work plan for being HIRED, HAPPY, and Remote.

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How to Work Remotely and not get Fired Ebook.

Myths and Stereotypes of remote work.

Work-Life Balance Strategy.

21 Checklist items

14 Item Worksheet

6 Productivity Tools and screen monitoring apps.

4 Major Mental Health Challenges associated with remote working and Solutions.

4 Major Physical Health challenges associated with remote working and Solutions.

You can grab a copy here

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article that has spiraled from a twitter musing and the Harvard Business Review: How to Keep Your Team Motivated, Remotely

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